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Another Stinky Poop Question

About a month ago, I adopted two 4(now 5?) month kittens (brother and sister) from a rescue group. They were very generous and gave us lots of toys and a bag of Science Diet Kitten Dry food and two cans of wet food.

I think the bag lasted for two weeks, and during this time, the kittens had really smelly farts and poops. The poops ranged from brown and slightly wet to normal stools. When they pooped, despite cleaning the box right after and adding Arm&Hammer Cat deodorizer, the smell lingered throughout the apartment. I tried changing their diet to what I fed my cats in the past who had no such issue, although you would probably classify it as a lower quality brand, I went with the President Choice Kitten Chicken and Rice. We stayed on this for a week, and still the problem persisted. I then went to PetSmart and asked their advice, and they recommended Nutro Max Cat Kitten. They said it was a much higher quality and I will be coming back for more. Again, the problem still persists.

I also talked to one of my "cat-lady" friends and she suggested it might be worms. I could try giving them some plain vanilla yogurt and/or get them tested. I tried the yogurt but the cats are confused and wont eat it. I also contacted the rescue organization and ask them and they reassured me the cats were dewormed and it must be diet related.

So I'm now confused as to what to do. Should I get them tested for worms? Should I try switching their food again? Should I try wet, or will that just increase the smell? What brands or ingredients have been known to help? Or is this just normal and will be with us forever?

I've had two cats in the past and their poops never smelled this bad. I also clean the kitty litter twice a day, so I'm being very diligent that it's not the box but the actual smell that is lingering. I also do not see anything in the stools themselves. And both the cats have stinky farts/poos. Is it just their genetics?
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