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Exclamation 11 year old lab with issues... help!


I have an 11 year old lab retreiver and she is so sick! She was diagnosed with Arthritis 6 months ago and we have her on medication for that, at that time they also put her on urinary incontinence medicine cause she was frequenly urinating in the house and she never did that before. Well just about a week ago we took out Bella to the vet because a mammary tumor she has had for 3 years (started off the size of a blueberry) had grown rapidly to the size of a large grapefruit and she started having fecal incontinance. The dr recommended xrays to see if it spread to the lymph nodes but we have no money. I dont start my new job for a week, my fiance is making barely enough to pay the bills. Anyway the Dr said IF the xrays show it hasnt spread they can remove it but it was gonna cost like 800$$ but every day that it gets bigger the more it will cost. She also said that if it ruptures (which we have a feeling is going to happen because of all her ailements) we will have to euthanise her.

She still has SOME energy.. but her temperment has changed. She tried to attack some dogs at the dog park, she is constantly postureing and picking fights with our chihuahua.. and i dont know what to do. We are pregnant with our first child and IDK what to do. We cant keep her outside because its too cold (highs of 50degrees) Also I have a REAL problem with her urinary and fecal incontinance.. Its disgusting, unsanitary and even with the medication she is on it happens all the time. We have tried putting potty training pads all around her but she wont use them.

I dont know what to do. My fiance has had this dog since she was 6 weeks old and literally lets her do whatever she wants. She has no boundries and whenever I try to do any kind of training or tell her "No Bella" he tells me to leave her alone because she is dying. Or anything she does thats bad (and alot of the time the bad things she does seem behavioral" he says the same thing, she is dying let her do what she wants.

I need advice please! I love the dog, but I cant deal with all the ailements and be pregnant. I cant live in constant filth and no matter how hard I clean it up it still wreaks.

please please help im desperate
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