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Unhappy Help me please

I'm going to give you history on my puppy and then tell you what's going on. First I got my dog Sept 2009. He was 6months old when I got him. He's a full blooded wiener dog. I adore this little guy so much. Brodie pee'd on everything when I first got him. He pee'd on my bed numerous times, the floor etc. Soon he stopped peeing on my bed but still pee'd on the floor. I found out that the apartment I was living in had black mold on the floor and that's what he was peeing on. I moved into my sisters house with her and her 2 bigger puppies and 2 cats. It was great he loves the animals. However they have their own little room in the back. He seems to pee on the excerise equipment in the back room and now just pees in the backroom whenever.

Ok so he stopped peeing on things after I got him fixed but now he's doing it again. He was fixed about a month ago....I have tried everything...Vinegar and water and all that. He's really good at waking me up at night when he has to potty but still pottys in the back room....Please help sister is getting mad because her dogs are now starting to do it too.
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