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Majority of the people I know who have switched their dogs to raw saw significant improvements in their dog's energy, coat, skin, muscle tone.. dogs that had chronic health problems had the problems improve or dissapear, lumps went away, seaming allergies went away, eye discharges, itchy feet, itchy and dry skin.. I could go on.

The couple people I know that have tried it and wen back to kibble did it essentially because they found they couldn't deal with the extra work involved in preparing the meals, or were squeamish about the meat and had hoped they would get over it but didn't.

I have nothing against people choosing to feed kibble, however when I hear the lines that generations of dogs on kibble have led healthy long lives, first of all I would strongly argue that claim. Vets would be out of business if all the dogs on kibble led healthy long lives. Secondly, I think of the classic example of the 80 year old man who has been smoking all his life and has proclaimed he's perfectly healthy and all that smoking is bad for you is a bunch of garbage. MacDonalds would also like you to believe that their food is perfectly healthy.

There is a lot of money riding behind convincing people that kibble and commercially made diets are the better choice, raw food, not so much.
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