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Oatmeal is not necessary for dogs... has no benefit... just a 'filler'... i dont knwo why you would add oatmeal to raw..

I have been feeding our GSD raw for two years now, my folks feed their dobey raw for over two years too and we follow similar routines. Here is a sample of what a few meals look like for us (we feed a meal morning and evening):

-Chicken carcass & some hearts and gizzards
-chicken leg quarter with a piece of basa fish
-turkey neck with some chicken liver
-2 chicken backs with some pieces of beed heart

my mom also feeds whole fish but our guy wont eat whole fish...

we also give him as a treat little bit of things we eat but it doesnt constitute a large portion of his diet (ie. apples, green and red peppers, pears, peaches, yogurt, carrots, berries, pineapple, cheese, etc.)

other then cost cutting i dont see any benefit or reason to feed oats...
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