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I too have been looking into RAW diets for my dogs. When I adopted them, they were being fed mostly oats, raw chicken back/necks and some vegetables with some Kelp supplements (this I found out a few days after I adopted them as the lady who owned them had passed away and I adopted them the next day). I bought them some kibble for large breeds and they wouldn't eat it right away. I thought it was due to the change of location, but I think it may have been the food change as well.
Anyway, I have been looking on the internet and talking to people who breed, show, and groom. They all have a different diet and one person used to be on the RAW and didn't like it at all.
Even the web sites can't seem to come up with a good recipe, a lot had oatmeal as a base it seems. One lady feeds ONLY RAW chicken backs and the odd dog biscuit.
So, what's a person to do? I don't think the Oatmeal base is a good choice at all, maybe cheaper. But is feeding only chicken backs enough?
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