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Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your kitty will be much happier.

It is always very difficult to answer questions on the quantity to feed a cat because it depends on his age/activity level/metabolism, etc. etc. I feed my cats three times a day and they will eat about a quarter cup to a third of a cup a day. I mix mine with homemade raw so it is hard to judge how much canned I use, but if I was to guess, it would be equivalent to three 5.5 oz cans for four cats. One is a tiny senior who eats almost nothing so I would say one can a day for each cat.

I find my cats do much better with 3 feedings while on a canned/raw diet than just two. When only feeding 2, they seem to get too hungry waiting for the second meal, over eat, then vomit.

To tell if your cat is overweight, you should be able to see a definition of a waist line, and be able to feel his ribs without too much pressure. He should have about .5 centimeters of fat over his ribs.
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