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Wellness Cat Food

So I am a new cat owner, we got Douglas about a month ago. Now that he is settled in we are starting to switch his cat food. You'll all be happy, that we are stopping the dry Purina food that he was previously fed and switching to canned Wellness cat food.

The good news is that he loves it so switching will be easy, I've been adding a spoonful of wet food mashed into his dry food in order to ease him into the new diet. And now instead of picking at his food throughout the day he gobbles it up as quickly as possible and gets much more excited at meal time. By next week he'll probably be on a 80-100% wet food diet.

So a couple of questions, Douglas is a fairly large indoor cat, nearly 20 lbs, but I don't think he is really over weight, but big built. How much should we be feeding him? Its obvious with the new wet food he will probably eat whatever we put in front of him. The Wellness cans say 1 large can for every 6-8 lbs. So will two cans be enough? Also, there is Wellness and Wellness Core canned foods. They main difference seems to be the Core has more protein, is this worth the extra cost?

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