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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
This pup has really had it's problems

What in raw food would kill him?

They told us it was parasites and bacteria that are present in raw food, even frozen would have some amount. Most dogs are fine with it and fight it off without a problem, but because of the Eosinophillic Syndrome, prednisone and azathioprine, his immune system is non-existant.

If he has such a compromised immune system then to me, he shouldn't be in a daycare with other pups that could pass on viruses, parasites and bacteria that would normally be pretty harmless in healthy dogs.

We did ask the vet about that. She said even walking outside to go to the bathroom will expose him. Our other boy, Thorin, could expose him as well. As for the daycare, she asked if he enjoyed going or got stressed out. We told her he really enjoys it. She said we can't put him in a bubble and that he needs to have a bit of fun to nurture his spirit, and that dogs, like people, get depressed. She feels that could be just as detrimental as the physical ailments. The daycare he's at now, they have made him a special pen to keep him away from the other dogs. They have one dog that Nanook just loves, his name is Chance. They put Chance with him so they can play. Also, we don't really have a choice. Hubby and I both have to work to pay his huge vet bills

Also, if he truly does want to chew something due to his pica, then muzzling, if you can't crate him, is really a good idea. It is unreasonable to watch a dog 24/7, you have to sleep and work sometime .
I know somebody whose dog chewed up their sofa cushions (brand new sofa too), so there is always something for a dog to chew on, if it wants to. I hope he does grow out of it , that can be so dangerous and he doesn't need that on top of his other health issues
He doesn't chew furniture at all (at least not to this point). It's just things he can get his mouth around, like toys, socks etc. He's been alone with cushions and has never chewed. At home, it isn't a problem at all anymore. We have it managed pretty well. And having Thorin, and us, to play with keeps him occupied. At night he sleeps with DH, myself and Thorin with the bedroom door closed. There is nothing for him to get in his mouth. He hasn't ingested anything recently. The last was at the previous daycare 6 weeks ago , and it's still working it's way through.
We hope he grows out of it as well. We are down to a 5mg daily dose of pred and no azathioprine, so hopefully that will help
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