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Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
Robyn,I am always a little worried opening your posts,I think we all want so badly for him to get 100% well.
As for the day-care,don't they watch the dogs to make sure they don't eat everything
He's been to 2 different daycares. The first he started going to a week after we got him, and it's awesome. The owner just adores him and the girls are very good. They even made him a special pen that has a floor drain for when he pees (courtesy of the pred ), put only 1 dog at a time in with him so he can play, fix his food special with all his pancreas-v and supplements and call me at the first sign of any trouble. The problem started when the owner hired a girl who thought we were neglecting Nanook and not feeding him properly. She insisted that we needed to feed him a raw diet even though I had told her the specialist (who is pro-raw btw) said he cannot have anything raw, even veggies and that raw meat could kill him with no immune system. But everytime I picked him up, she would corner me, insist that I go to her "meat guy" with her and "start taking care of Nanook". Needless to say, I was livid. Hubby and I have done everything within our power to take care of him and decided someone like her could be dangerous. We were afraid she was going to bring in raw food and feed him, so we found a different daycare.

I had spoken with the owner (very nice lady) and advised her of all his problems. She said they could handle it and her girls were great. The last time I took him there was 6 weeks ago. They were given instructions he was NOT to be crated because our specialist said it could stress him out and cause a seizure, or have access to any toys whatsoever because he has pica and would ingest them. When I picked him up the last time, he was frantic. He ran outside and peed. His urine was almost a dark orange and stunk. They had to have crated him for several hours. He pees clear because of the pred, but will not pee in a crate. I got him home and he had a seizure 40 mins later, after being seizure free for 9 and a half weeks

3 weeks after, he starting pooping pieces of a toy so I called them. They said they didn't give him anything at all and it didn't come from there. Luckily I took a picture of what he pooped
On Sunday he pooped part of the same toy, but a different color! So Monday I went to the daycare, and sure enough, what he had been pooping out was hanging right on the wall for sale, in BOTH colors!
I immediately called the owner, told her everything that had happened. She tried to defend them saying they were well aware he was not to have any toys or anything he could ingest, so he didn't get it from there. I told her I had a pic of his poo and it matched the toys they use and I'd be happy to email it to her. She called me back later that day and apologized and said she would take care of it. She's just lucky I'm not the type of person to take her to court. It was pure neglect. I will, however, be leaving a complaint with the BBB and reviews so maybe others will be aware before leaving their kids with them.

The girl we were worried about is no longer at the old daycare, so that's where he has been going the last 6 weeks. I am very confident with them. They just adore him and they do not use toys at all.

Originally Posted by Marty11 View Post
I can't believe I just read this post. I'm so sorry Robyn what your going through with your pup. I'm sending lots of prayers for a recovery.
Thank you Marty11, all prayers are welcome and appreciated

Originally Posted by catlover2 View Post
I just read thro all this thread, and am sorry to hear what you've been going thro with Nanook. It really has been a roller coaster for you and the pup. I haven't noticed it in any of the other postings, but it seems this pup just can't stop ingesting stuff (sox, plastic, whatever) and that this is a lot of his problem. Wouldn't it make sense to have a muzzle on him at all times, so he can't eat anything, only take it off when he eats? You can't trust the daycare people to catch that he doesn't eat something he shouldn't. Hopefully when he's older, he'll grow out of this habit of eating stuff. My son's year old Lab ate a sock and it blocked his intestine, and it cost him $4000 (Seattle area) in surgery to remove it. So far I think you've been lucky that he hasn't developed a blockage. I dunno, if Nanook was my dog, I'd have a muzzle on him until he proved he can be trusted not to eat "junk".
Hi catlover2, Nanook does have a problem with ingesting inedible objects. He has pica. It's not due to him being a bad puppy, it's due to his health issues and all the medications he is on, he has no control over it. We're hoping that someday it will change, but that's actually one of the lesser problems he has. We do muzzle him when he goes outside, but not in the house. Most of the problems occurred prior to us knowing he had pica. We caught him trying to eat a sock about 3 months ago, took it away and he immediately went and grabbed another and tried to swallow if before we could catch him. Hubby had to reach in to his throat and pull it out. Since then we have removed anything he could eat. Our home is now very puppy proof. He's not even allowed toys unless we are right there watching him play. The toys are then put away when he's done, or thrown out if they become damaged. The problem has stemmed from daycare and irresponsible people watching him. It took about 3 weeks for him to pass the socks he did ingest before we realized what was happening and about a month to pass a rope chew toy, and between 3 and 6 weeks passing the toys from daycare. We feel very fortunate that he has not had a blockage.
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