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Nookie wasn't doing too well yesterday morning. I had the day off to stay with him, he's too weak for daycare right now. He wouldn't eat yesterday morning, wouldn't lift his little head and barely managed to open his eyes halfway to look at me. I was terrified and called the vet. They told me to take him to a vet in own (our vet is almost an hour away) and have a blood test done. I called and scheduled an appt. and I was just getting ready to put his boots and sweater on him when he got up, shook and walked over to his bowl and ate
I was baffled, to say the least. Apparently he had done the same thing with Shaun the day before, prior to going to the vet. He had very stinky gas and was burping prior to getting up. We finally noticed a pattern! Anywhere from an hour and a half to 2 hours after getting the 3rd of his tummy pills(he gets 3, 1 hour apart for each), he would get up and get perky again.

I took him in for the blood test anyway, just to ease my mind. I was afraid his RBC was falling even more and making him so lethargic. The vet called last night and said the clinic I went to had only requested a partial CBC, so she contacted the lab and had them run the additional tests she needed. She said his RBC was up to 18%!!
She had the clinic call me this morning to give the results of the rest of the test and asked them to let me know the results are "beautiful!". He's regenerating red blood cells and they are maturing

Our vet seems to think the lethargy is due to a sick tummy and nothing more at this point, so it took a load off our minds!! He has passed some pretty surprising "objects" in the last few days, courtesy of the old daycare . We are thinking there is still something in his intestines and that's what's making him sick, so hopefully he will pass it soon.

He was playing with Thorin last night, barking and howling at mama and being a cute, silly boy again. He really has been a tough little guy, and a miracle up to this point
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