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I think the main point behind designer dogs is that they've suddenly become "popular", therefore exploitable. That's the primary motive behind the breeding - to make money. There's no health testing, no requirement other than the pups being cute. Same with purebred dogs and BYB's. The poodle is a prime example of the problems that occur from indiscriminate breeding. They are prone to hip dysplacia, nervousness, epilepsy, and other genetic problems. They're wonderful dogs that don't deserve the problems that have become all too common. No dogs deserve that. After Disney came out with "101 Dalmations", look how many dalmations soon ended up in shelters. Now people are rushing to breed Schnoodles and Labradoodles to cash in on the new, current favorites. I'm wondering what will happen to the labradoodle that takes after the lab parent and sheds. What will happen when the pup requires the grooming that the poodle side demands? I enjoy the grooming, but not everyone is going to be willing to do it regularly, after the novelty wears off.
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