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Thank you Kitten, for a very well thought out and very well articulated post.

The reason I closed the other thread, is because that particular thread had run it's course. I'm all for the discussion of "Designer Breeds and their downsides", but that thread wasn't doing more than keeping a tired arguement going. If people post to this thread, and keep it civil, I see no reason for not allowing it to continue.

It had turned into a very heated discussion started by a person who only posted once, and then never returned. If we want to discuss this further, I think a new thread is totally in order. Like my signature says, I'm firm but fair. Everyone is entitled to say what's on their minds because freedom of speech is something I truly believe in.

I look forward to reading what others have to say on the subject. I only ask that it be kept to a dull roar - that's all.
I'm firm - but fair. Mind the rules and enjoy your stay.

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