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We just adopted a Min Pinscher from SOS. We picked him up yesterday, he was in a foster home in Ontario. The adoptiong process was ok, he is in good health and it only took two weeks to meet him get the paper work done etc.

He is for the most part a pretty good dog. Good on walks, not too barky, housetrained. We started working on some basic commands (sit etc). The problem we are having is he is terrorizing my cat. Whenever he sees the cat he charges him and they have a growling scratching match. My cat is a scardy cat so it's not very good. Cat is hiding in the bedroom under the table. We are going to give it a few days. SOS policy is you have 7 days, and you can return the pet for your adoption fee back. Hate to do it, love most things about this little guy but I'm not sure we can teach and old dog new tricks (he is 7 or so). I have read that this is a trait of the breed

Will let you know how it goes!
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