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I spoke with our vet this morning to give her an update. She said after a lot of thought overnight she has decided to leave him on the pred and azathioprine for now and just wean him off both slowly, as originally planned. She's pretty positive that if we just stop them both, he will definitely seizure again. She said with his blood count so critical, a seizure would probably kill him. She said after going over all the tests again, she has determined that he is losing blood, as she thought, but also that his body is having a very hard time generating new blood cells because of the immuno-suppression. She feels that if we can stop the bleeding and continue the transfusions while weaning him down, his cell count should be high enough to withstand a seizure, should he have one. It makes sense to us. She still wants us to continue the herbal treatment that Dr. Marsden has Nookie on in hopes that it will stop the bleeding and reuce the inflammation enough to get him stable and hold him there for awhile.

On the upside, Nookie gave us some good smiles this morning. Hubby took him out for a poo, and it wasn't black! When he came back in, he was bright eyed (the first time in days) and hungry!! I fed him some hamburger and rice and he wanted to keep eating. The vet said to load him up on some freeze dried liver if he will eat... and boy did he! He actually got excited and starting giving me high fives for more

It's amazing what we take for granted... the last few days I would have given anything for a high five from him, and now he's giving em like mad for his treats. We still need to keep him quiet for a few days, but just the fact that he's looking perkier and has his appetite again is wonderful

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