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Lightbulb My bulldog and her seizures

I have an american bulldog who just had her first heat cycle. She then started shaking her head back and forth as if saying no. I looked everywhere online and stumbled across a study being done. It seems to be a type of seizures common in bulldogs, boxers, and dobermans, but can also occur in other breeds, its just more common in these three. The theory is that when they reach their first heat cycle or any kind of physical stressor these seizures can start. I double checked with my vet and he said to try what they said and if it didnt work to bring my sage in. I tried it and within one minute no more seizures... I am going to further follow their advice and also be in their study. I have to tell you its like watching your child go through this. I was so scared but now that I know she isnt in pain when it happens it makes it a lot easier to deal with. Its amazing what some karo syrup and daily doses of calcium can do. I am just glad this type is so easy to control I know that a lot of types arent. grouphug:

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