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Originally Posted by Chris21711 View Post
Ratz Rguerts I'm so sorry to hear this have such a hard decision on your hands. I wish I could be of some help to you...all I can do is pray
Thank you so much Chris
We will take all the prayers we can get. We need them now more than ever.

Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
Robyn,same as 14+for Nanook,you and DH
There is nothing I can do or say to help,this morning tears were falling for the little guy
All your efforts and your love for Nanook,just has to be rewarded..
I can understand the incredibly difficult decision you have to make,who do you trust with Nanooks life
Thank you chico, and I hope and that it is rewarded. At this point, we're going on pure faith.

Nookie had a bad night. He was pacing, restless and even a little whiny at times. He didn't want to eat this morning, which is a really bad sign considering he will eat anything that he can get in his little mouth. He was so weak that Shaun had to carry him to the car.

We spent about 7.5 hours at the vet today. Our regular vet was so upset when she saw how bad he was. She had to repeat all the tests that were done at the holistic clinic yesterday because they didn't fax them to her. Her first thought was that he did ingest something he shouldn't have, until she got the results of his blood count. He is critical at this point. She said if he had an injury that caused him to bleed internally, he would have been gone once his blood count hit about 13%. Nookies red cell count was at 8.8%. She said with a blood count that low he would have been bleeding internally at a slow pace for a few weeks. Slow enough that his body adjusted to the lower cell count and allowed him to live longer. But at where he is now, with the symptoms he has, she said had we not brought him in, he would have been gone by morning. So I'm SO thankful we took him to see her and not just waited it out like we were told yesterday. She thinks now that he probably has ulcers in his stomach and intestines, caused by the prednisone and azathioprine. She agreed that we have to take him off both of them.
She did several blood and fecal tests along with x-rays.

Nookie had a blood transfusion this evening. Our vet said we will most likely be back in for another by Monday because they don't know where the bleeding is coming from and that the medication may not stop it. We won't be giving him any more pred or azathioprine, so he will most likely start seizuring again and the meningitis will relapse unless the herbal powder can keep the inflammation under control. That's what she is hoping for (and us).

I'll keep you all updated. And thank you for all the good thoughts, vibes and prayers. Our little monster needs them
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