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The fever is iffy, depends on the status of the immune system. My girl's temperature was going up a 1/2 a degree every so many days as her neutrophils were rising, still not enough to technically be called a fever. Previously, with all her infections, she never ran a fever.

If you're still giving any immune suppressants, response to doxy may be depressed. But after about a week and no response whatsoever, that's really not a good sign.

Since doxy can be a cancer fighter, at least this is not something that is hurting her.

Sept/Oct is a long time to be in this position, it is not looking good, but I always hope for the long shot, and then in the end, you know you really did try everything.

I am so sorry that she isn't turning around. I am very glad though that she likes hot dogs - something that she will eat
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