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Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
Do you think there's any chance he's swallowed some other treasures? Are the symptoms the same as the last time?
Yes, they are. He started with being gassy, having small bowel movements and burping over the last few days. I told Shaun I thought he was going to pass something any day now. So I'm still thinking there may be something in there

Originally Posted by Mirela View Post
Would he be strong enough to have exploratory surgery instead of the ultrasound and more possible inconclusive tests?
I don't think so. He's been on Azathioprine for almost 6 weeks now, and high doses of Prednisone for almost 4 months. His immune system is non-existent which is why he has Pappillomavirus and Giardia. I think his blood count is also much too low to withstand it. Hubby and I were discussing that today. But I will be talking to our regular vet tomorrow and plan to ask.
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