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Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
Rgeurts, did you share your suspicions that Nanook may have an internal injury? Perhaps an ultrasound may ease your mind before making any changes to his meds?

I'm so friggen sorry this is happening to you and Nanook .
Thank you lp
We did express the concern that he may have ingested something that may have hurt him. Dr. Marsden said the herb that he gave us today is one they would use in the case of internal bleeding, so should help if that's what's going on. We did consider an ultra-sound, but the last time he had bad tummy troubles we left him with the clinic for the day. They took like 15 x-rays, a barrium swallow and an ultrasound (he still has a bare tummy from it) and said they couldn't see anything they would "hang their hats on" and were confident there was no blockage and gave a motility drug. That same night he pooped a sock covered in barrium. Then within 5 days he had pooped 2 more socks and a whole rope chew toy. If they didn't see any of that with all those tests, it's hard to think they would see a tear or some other damage

I guess for us, it's more the fact that our savings are pretty much depleted. I haven't sold my car yet, so that doesn't help. We could afford the ultrasound and x-rays, but if something else happens and he has to go to emergency, we wouldn't have the money to cover it (if we spent the $1,000 it would cost for an ultrasound and x-rays) and they make you put down a deposit for the low side of the estimate then make you sign a waiver giving them permission to euthanize if you don't pay the balance (which for us has always been the high side of the estimate) at the time of pick-up. We would be able to get a loan, but that takes a few days, so the emergency hospital wouldn't treat him. I'd hate to waste what we do have left on any tests that may not show anything. I know whatever is meant to be will be. And I'm sure I'll sell my car soon, so it will be fine. It just gets so frustrating to think we've come this far, and he's been doing so well, and now we may lose him because we've already wasted so much on tests that haven't shown anything at all and possibly greedy people who took advantage of the fact that we love him.
I'm sorry, I'm just ranting. I know everything will be ok, we just have to get over this hurdle. I may just go ahead and call our regular vet tomorrow and get him in for an ultrasound anyway.
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