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Well, monster is headed back to the vet today. His stools have been black since night before last. We knew his tummy was bothering him, but didn't realize anything was really wrong (we thought it was just upset from the pred). I called and spoke with our usual clinic yesterday evening and the vet said not to worry about it unless he starts vomitting black or his stools turn to diarrhea, or if he becomes very lethargic and not wanting to eat/drink. This morning I got a call from daycare saying he had vomited, but just food, no blood.

The vet telling me not to worry about it (the same one who said we were feeding him enough when we were actually starving him ) did not make me comfortable, so I called the holistic clinic this morning, who called Dr. Marsden and he said to bring him in asap. I know black, tarry stools means ingested blood. That's never something to "not worry about". So, wish us luck with our lil guy today. Hopefully it's nothing too serious

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