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Thank you for all and each one of your replies
@Winston and SCM
Yes, it gets crusty but only the discharge that comes from one side of his lips, but nothing around his nails and paws. I researched Rodent Lip and the location of his problem doesn't seem to match the usual it looks much more similar to the Stomatitis.

So far he has had tooth extraction, Drained the discharge several times, also they have cut to drain originally they thought it was an abscess it's obviously not when it became reoccurring. He also has been under antibiotics.
I remember him having a minor surgery also because they thought a saliva duct was blocked.
I'll check with my mom and sister today if anything else.

He eats but sometimes it gets hard since it hurts, but his appetite is there so food has to be extra soft those days of more pain.
I'm very concerned about Fibrix and also very interested on getting the right treatment for him since I want him to live pain free of that.
I'll send them the information.

If you have more ideas keep them coming.

Marty, sometimes the discharge gets a bit darker and crusty but I'm not sure if it's blood it could be since obviously bacteria attack the swollen tissue. I wish your friend and the kitty along with those kittens best luck and recovery soon babies <3<3<3
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