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Nookie monster has been in very good spirits. He's been a lot more alert and bright eyed! He's still having some tummy issues, but we're hoping that will lessen as the pred dose lessens.

We saw Dr. Marsden a couple of days ago. He doesn't know if monster has Chondrodysplasia or not. There are tests that would need to be done. He did say he thinks it's may be more that the pred is starting to really damage his body. He thinks the pred has not only degraded the muscles in his head and face, but also in his front legs. He thinks Nookie is "hyper-extended" and that's what is causing the clumsiness and weakness when he plays (or even walks). He has a pretty severe limp in his left front now for about the last week. Dr. Marsden did acupuncture and adjusted his neck, but it hasn't seemed to help the limp. As far as the things in his mouth, it is Pappillomavirus. Dr. Marsden said as long as Nookie is on the pred and azathioprine, it's not going to go away because he's much too immo-suppressed, so we have dropped the pred down to 15mg daily for a week then down to 10mg daily and hopefully we won't see any seizures

But everything considered, we're still very happy with his alertness and willingness to play with us and Thorin
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