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Unhappy Cat sneezing/wheezing/coughing URI?

Hi everyone, my cat was recently sick with possibly some sort of URI and we took her to the vet. They gave us Antibiotics to give to her and they seemed to be doing the trick. It has been about a week since the prescription was finished and the symptoms seems to be returning (the coughing/wheezing/sneezing).

The vet gives free checkups so I will be taking her there soon but I am unable to go until Friday night at the earliest. Does anyone have any ideas or advice that would help us identify what is wrong or what to do about it? Also if anyone knows any thing that can be done to quell the sneezing/coughing. before we took her to the vet she was sneezing so violently that blood was visible in her nasal discharges. It hasn't gotten anywhere near that bad but it still seems quite uncomfortable for her.

Thanks for any help or suggestions!

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