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No, I don't know which blood cells are increasing but I could find out.

I haven't seen too much increase in her appetite since reducing the doxy but it's only been reduced for the last two doses.

I just gave her some Bio-K (probiotic acidophilus liquid) and I will try those different protein suggestions.

Still off the smell of meat and eggs so she just has some yogurt with the probiotic, toast with butter and goats milk.

I tried rice but for whatever reason that was not appealing.

She is on dexamethasone (a brother of prednisone). She started 50mg of pred on October 5 and switched straight to 8mg dex on November 8. I didn't realize but when our regular vet came to take blood she said she was probably experiencing withdrawl symptoms because of the switch but the internist never told us that. She just said to replace one with the other because they are brother medications. She has been on the Imuran since Oct 18.

BTW, how old is your dog Max?
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