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Any suggestions?

If you have any suggestions please send them our way.

I am still reducing the dexamethasone (not prednisone). Just cut the morning dose in half so she gets 2mg in the morning and 2 mg in the evening. I was told to cut 25% back every 7 days.

She gets 50mg Imuran every other day and was suppose to give it yesterday but didn't. Wasn't sure if I should taper it or if I should just stop it or keep giving it? The vet said to keep giving it because it may keep her comfortable.

I was giving Doxy (100mg tablets) at 10mg/kg of body weight (2.5 tablets twice a day - 250 mg twice a day) but cut that back to 1.5 tablets twice a day because of the loss of appetite.

That is all the meds she is taking. She is very weak but is still drinking goats milk and eating bread and cheese -- has no appetite for any meat product it seems.
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