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The majority of the touches are circular but there are also "slides,lifts" they do help to calm your pets and provide a healthy alternative to just meds...yes you still need to see your vets.....the classes teach pretty much the same thing every time but we (people) only pick up what we need at the time. This past week when our instructor went over mouthwork it really stuck with me. This technique really helps to release tension in the mouth, jaw, lips and neck areas.

One of the things the instructor showed us about Cats is the way to hold them without causing a lot of stress on them. If you use a towel like a cape around their necks and let them stand on their feet they are going to be way more relaxed then if you wrap them in a towel and try to confine them.

I am taking the training to become a practioner and plan on working with many pets/animals in the future. If you research Linda Tellington-Jones you will find that she has touched animals all over the world, including Boa Constrictors and Cockroaches, she has also worked with animals in zoos around the world. patti
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