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An old sick dog :(

We have a 13 year old Golden Retriever German Shepard mix. Her health has gone down in the past few months, but nothing to worry about too much. But now we are worried. To start she was a very lively dog. We knew when there was someone walking down the street, or there was squirrels in our backyard. We even knew when there were leaves falling on our lawn. We know she has arthirtis in her hips. In the fall and spring when we haven't turned the heat on and it's cooler in our house we knew she is affected by it. She is now not as lively as she was. She sleeps more, and would rather lay in the house then go outside. Her nose used to be black and moist. It is now all scabby and pink. Her back, by her tail, she has chewed her hair off and her skin is scabby there as well. It is not fleas, we do know that. Her gums are really red and around her mouth, like on her lips, she has developed scabs there too. The past couple of days she was been votmitting bile. She also has a bad smell to her. Worst then a wet dog skink, and giving her a bath does not take it away. So it's like she's rotting away. I know everyone's going to say take her to the vet, but I would kind of like to have an idea of what it might be first. I do know that without seeing a vet I do not know for sure what it is, but like I said. I would like to have an idea of what it MIGHT be. We do have a feeling she has some sort of cancer. A few years ago she noticed she had a lump below her jaw, close to her neck. It has not gotten worst and it doesn't seem to bother her either.
Has anyone ever experienced any of these syptoms with their dogs???
I know it's sad, but we are kind of expecting the worst. She is 13 years old. Life span of her type of dog is usally around 10 years old.