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Originally Posted by rascals View Post
Does anyone know of a more up-to-date food analysis chart - especially one showing the phosphorus. My precious 13-year-old was treated with I-131 a month ago, and was just diagnosed with CFR.
There are tables at this link that seem to have more up-to-date info, although I think there are "errors" (or rather, the manufacturers aren't being totally truthful): For instance, some of the brands (Weruva, Best Feline Friend, By Nature Organics, Brandon Farms Organic) list the exact same nutrient profile for every flavour, which is pretty much impossible. Considering Weruva and BFF are the same company, and By Nature and Brandon Farms are also the same, it does make one suspicious.

Originally Posted by rascals View Post
Some of the recommendations in this forum contradict the information I found when searching for HIGH phosphorus foods (in order to know what NOT to feed her). It listed all poultry and beef as being high. Now I am confused. Anyone have any advice of the subject?
The best thing might be to contact the manufacturers yourself and see what they say. You're right about formulas changing frequently. There was a time when By Nature was extremely high in phosphorus, but if the table above is accurate, then it's now quite low.

Good luck!
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