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Tellington TTouch

I am a practioner in training for TTouch. This works, just ask Sasha, before her last surgery I did TTouch on her ears and her body, after surgery I had to transport her from my Vet to the overnight Emerg Clinic, on the drive there I did Ear work on her, after she was settled in the kennel I did more earwork, the Vet Tech told me that she would be ready to go home late afternoon or early evening the following day....the vet called me at 9:30 am and said she is fantastic come and get her.

Wow, 18 hours after a 2 and a half hour surgery she is up, eating and ready to come home. She jumped into the truck (little one) and jumped out of it at home. I made her a nice bed on the floor and did TTouch off and on all day, she also did not cry or whine during this time. Her recuperation from this was much quicker then she recovered from the same type of surgery 3 yrs ago.

SOOOOO, I just completed my 2nd week of classes to become a practioner, the touches, bodywraps, groundwork and more is in my toolbox and if I can pass any info to others I am happy to do so. Now, the closer you are to me the better or please contact a practioner in your area because it really does work for behaivor, confidence and so much more.

PS: rgeurts, my last week in Calgary was so worth it. Sasha was pretty tired becausse we worked with our dogs alot. patti
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