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On the tick subject, our little guy Peewee got 4 ticks last year, so they are definitely in my area, but I suppose Winnipeg isn't all that near to me! When I got titers and yearly blood work done on my older girl (RIP), I always got the Idexx 4Dx SNAP test done which tests Dirofilaria immitis antigen, as well as antibodies to Borrelia burgdorferi, Anaplasma phagocytophilum and Ehrlichia canis. I lived in BC at that time with her, and ticks are a more significant threat there I believe. It only costs $50 on top of any blood work panel which I think is worth the stress relief. I'm not sure if the medications Timber is on would inhibit the test...?

Originally Posted by SuperWanda View Post
Thank you for offering to help Myka! I was fortunate to get in with the specialist this Monday so that will be the next step.

My regular vet said if I had to wait any longer she was considering sending me to Calgary. I do have many relatives there but not in Saskatoon.
You're very welcome. If you do end up needing my help PM me as I'm not always able to check the forums, but will see a PM through email that I usually check everyday. If you need, I am home (Saskatoon) now until Tuesday morning.
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