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She wasn't around this morning...she usually just shows up in the evenings looking for food. So I couldn't get a photo.

It is a self-sufficient camp, we are not fed, we feed ourselves. I eat very little meat, so I don't have anything but the partially freezer-burned ground beef. The guy that was feeding her chicken bones buys a bunch of frozen drumsticks and boils them all up in one go. He didn't have any raw stuff or any more chicken at al actually. He got fired today anyway, so no more chicken bones. I left the ground beef with the another co-worker there. He said he was going to buy some dry cat food, and I explained to him why dry cat food isn't good for cats and how the meat needs to be uncooked. He looked quite skeptical, but did listen. I also told him I am going to pick up some canned food this weekend. At least everyone's intentions are good at this point! Makes the future look brighter for kitty.

It is a tough thing to try to convince middle-aged people that dry cat food isn't good when they have been feeding dry cat food for the last 40 years and of course, "My cat is fine, and he eats dry food." We had sibling barn kitties that lived to be 18 years old on Alley Cat dry food, supplemented with mice, moles, birds, etc of course. Mammals are resilient, but I wish I knew then what I know now. Makes me feel guilty they ate Alley Cat for 18 years.
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