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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
It could still be just individual differences, illness and meds, Robyn, but worth looking into. In my limited experience, even if a condition is said to only affect one breed, a dog is a dog is a dog, at least genetically, and any canine malady can strike any individual. That being said, though, he's on some pretty powerful meds that may well be affecting his development and appearance (the 'pred head' you mentioned, for instance).

the vet can set your mind at ease. Holy catz, if it's not one thing to worry about, it's another, eh? Good luck on Monday!
I think I'm just so paranoid now lol. I'm not really worried too much about it though. Hubby and I don't care as long as he isn't so bad it prevents him from having some fun and doing his "business". If he does have it, it's very mild from what I have read and will affect appearance more than anything (except for a bit of clumsiness), which is fine. He's going to be our beautiful little guy regardless. But you are probably right. He is on some heavy meds, and we do know the pred has caused muscle loss.

Thank you Hazel
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