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SuperWanda, you wrote in one of your posts ....

She did have some blood and mucous in her poop that has since subsided on antibiotics but I guess there are different types of colitis including cancer-related types? Her nose was also bleeding when her platelets really dropped the first time so was that a symptom of the thrombocytopenia or was there another reason for that?

Arie's owner said to tell you that when she had been on Imuran for a week(or 9 days?) , twice daily, she had blood in her droppings too, so they got him to halve the dose and she was okay then in that respect.
Now, some of this I didn't know. Apart from those haemorrhages you can see in that photo, she also had like blood blisters under her tongue and her gums were white. She was very close to dying, with platelets down to 2, 35 RBC count, which dropped to 27, to 23, down to 17, by which time platelets were at 4, but then she started to improve, RBCs up to 120 and he said at 160 they let him take her home. She was still confined for a month and a half though , cage rest you may as well say. Her illness lasted from December last year till August, that's when she was totally weaned off those drugs, and of the total price you would have to deduct $1,000 for a major consultation with a specialist, plus the cost of de-sexing her.
I smile as I say that her owner has only just discovered how nice it is to let a dog sleep on the bed. We could have all told him it's nice, couldn't we? Shelties just love being with their owners.
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