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Hey guys, are any of you familiar with chondrodysplasia? Since monster has been so perky and playful the last few days, we've noticed something a little odd. We have always thought he was just clumsy from all the illness and meds, but we've noticed some deformities in his front quarters. I'm now thinking that what may be causing him to fall (he falls over a lot onto his front left shoulder with his bum in the air and then has a hard time getting back up). His front ankle joints are extremely large and lumpy looking, and tonight I noticed his left front paw is a good inch longer than the right, almost has a club look to it. He also is a few inches shorter than Thorin, but just as long and weighs 5 pounds more

I will, of course, be asking the vet to take a look on Monday. But I was wondering if anyone has encountered this? I read one sight that said it seemed to only affect Malamutes, but then I was looking at an old post here of someone with a GSD that possibly had it.

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