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Thanks for the input everyone. Like I said:

Originally Posted by Myka View Post
Just beef, tripe, and a couple drops of Salmon oil then.
She (I think) is getting 90% raw ground beef and 10% canned lamb tripe. I also add a couple drops of wild Salmon oil. She is eating this well.

It turns out I am leaving camp tomorrow afternoon and I won't be back at camp until Tuesday evening now. So kitty won't have canned kitty food until Tuesday evening. I mixed up a bunch of beef, tripe, and Salmon oil for the kitty and gave it to my co-worker to feed her.

I'm going to talk to my vet about getting her spayed if she isn't already. Hard to look for a scar on her belly when she is half wild! I would like to take her home, but I'm working in this camp until April next year, so she's going to have to wait it out. I will buy her one of those heated dog houses since she isn't allowed in the camp shack. I'm working on being allowed to let her in though because it gets to -40C up here.

I will try to remember to take a picture of her tomorrow! She's cute.
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