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LP, I laughed when you said you could even be looking forward to seeing green weeds. During our drought my house yard here, I do not exaggerate, was bare dirt. I remember looking at some photo's later and wondering why they looked so weird, and it was that first tinge of green arriving.

Not Summer yet, klm, but it did reach 33C here today. On days like this certain roses will be a bud in the morning, will have opened and be burnt to a crisp almost by nightfall. So, these are the toughies, still looking reasonable. Apricot Nectar, then the pink Australia Felix keeping company with the white Pascali. Finally a bud from a rose named Sun Blessed. I suppose it's the roses with thicker petals that can stand the heat.
It is very easy to get addicted to certain plants and start craving all those your friends show on garden forums. My friends in a small private forum feed the addiction too. Hippeastrums/Day Lilies/Frangipanis(Plumeria?)/dahlias etc.. You name it, they want to share it. Gardeners are lovely people.
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