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Stray kitty - no food!

Hey guys, a kitty turned up this week at the camp I work at. Looks young, pretty small, thin, but not horribly skinny. One of the guys here has been feeding it cooked rice, and cooked chicken bones. I tried telling him that's not very good kitty food, but he doesn't speak english very well, and doesn't listen to anyone anyway! Thankfully, the kitty didn't eat the bones, and I tossed them out.

So...long story short, I can get canned kitty food on the weekend, but that's a few days away. The kitty is starving so I soaked some dog kibble (Orijen Adult) in water, added some ground beef and a spoon of Tripett canned tripe as well as a squirt of Salmon Oil. That's really all I have that is remotely kitty food. Kitty was also VERY thirsty and drank quite a bit of water. I'm assuming that what I put out for the kitty is better than chicken bones and rice? This is what I have that is kind of maybe kitty suitable:

~ Ground beef
~ Tripett canned tripe
~ Soaked Orijen dog food
~ Salmon oil
~ Canned baby clams

Which of these should I feed? Which should I not feed?
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