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That's funny, Dog Dancer, because my kitchen window sill is where I germinate all my tomato and flower seedlings, there and the laundry window sill. My grandfather, who died at 88, back when I was less than 10 years old, had the genuine article, a true cottage garden that took up every inch of his block, then two blocks behind it were his market garden(vegetables). I can NEVER do as well as he did. For starters where I live the rainfall is less than half what he had, but he inspired me at an early age even if I let things like showing horses, then dogs, delay my own garden. We had 13 years of serious drought here, where the dam went dry, fruit trees died, no gardening could be done, then we had a so-so year, with a Spring that dried off too soon, but every indication was that this year would be wet, hence this garden of mine. It's about to be hit by a locust plague so I just can't win, and the big question is, what will happen next year? Anyone who's been through that long a drought does not have confidence that we won't go back into drought again. All I could say is that I have the potential to be a gardener if only Mother Nature would cut us some slack. Give us a break.

Here are some more pretties though. The lovely roses, Regensberg and Maggie, and some Flanders poppies.
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