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Rainbow -- thank you -- yes, I would still like ask her about Dr. Dodds but haven't yet. Are first apt. was so long as she was trying to go through all the tests results and get herself up to speed with all that has gone on but we will be talking again after the blood test in a week so that is one question I will ask.

Goldfields -- I'm glad Arie is doing so well! it sounds like it is very difficult to find a cause unless you know for sure your dog was exposed to a toxin or just had a vaccination. I can see how the costs start to add up because you have to continually monitor so it's wonderful he was able to persist and see good results.

MaxaLisa -- thanks for your posts -- does your GSD have low platelets from metacam. Was he treated for those tick-borne blood parasites as well?

We are in Manitoba, Canada so don't have Ehrlichiosis here. Anaplasmosis is found in less than 5% of only one species of tick here (Ixodes scapularis) and although that makes it fairly unlikely, we did have her red cells analyzed for Anaplasma phagocytophilum and none were seen.

Thanks for the zinc info as well. I'll look into that. Are there any foods high in zinc? Oysters come to mind but not sure about feeding that to a dog? We have been giving liver because she is slightly anemic.

Hoping for good results next week!
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