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Arie is 7 and she also is allowed no further vaccinations. They can't possibly know what caused it but she was not de-sexed and here is one good reason for speying females, folks, just coming in season can trigger this. However, there is a big list of things that cause it, so who knows. She is now speyed, off all her meds and they are very pleased with her blood results. It wasn't easy to come this far though, it has cost him $8,200 worth of dedication(he keeps track of the cost) - he refers to her as his child though and just adores her. When she was 8 weeks old I knocked back two other very keen potential buyers for her, so what do you think, did I pick the right one?

I do have a sheltie breeder/ dog Judge friend who lost her top dog(male) to IMHA and in that case they were blaming the Parvo Vaccination.
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