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The high calcium indicates one of two things: there may be a primary kidney problem (many causes such as anti-freeze toxicity, etc.) or there may be cancer present. The cancer scenario is a strong possibility because of the swollen lymph nodes and the high calcium levels (lymphosarcoma/lymphoma are common occurences). I have seen this similiar constellation of symptoms with a kidney infection and with a parathyroid problem. Biopsying the lymph nodes will quickly tell you if you are dealing with cancer. Urinalysis/complete blood count/serum biochemistry will address if kidney disease is implicated, and finally measuring parathyroid hormone levels will give you insight into that potential origin of these symptoms.

Additional testing such as nuclear scintigraphy or MRI may be needed if cancer/hormonal origins accountfor the symptoms. See your veterinarian as soon as possible to develop the diagnosis and start effective treatment that is cause specific rather than symptomatic.

Dr. Van Lienden

Dr. Raymond Van Lienden DVM
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