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We only ran an inhouse fecal flotation because those are free but the vet didn't see anything.

Good news though, the food I left her in cage this morning was mostly eaten when I just got home.. so I just nuked a plate of A/D, high quality kitten canned food and some leftover tuna (people food) in the microwave, added some water and she's loving it. I think she had a bad stomach bug and I loaded her up on meds and she's doing fabulous now. I gave her some warm SubQ fluids (lactated ringers) to make up for the time she hasn't eaten.

I'll try giving her nutrical later as well. I gave her a ton of karosyrup yesterday and it seems like everything kicked in and she is up and about now

I'll let you guys know what's going on. I have Geneflora at my house if anyone thinks that will help.
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