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Ok so I ended up workin open to close all weekend and got called in for a long shift again yesturday and I'm about to leave for work again today! (we need the I won't complain) I got home late last night and just passed out on the couch, so this is the first I've been near the computer in 3 days... so Heidi is at your place then Gerri? awesome....I've got my appt in hamilton on thursday mornin so if you'll be around in the afternoon I can stop by. The girl I thought might take her is now not someone I would let take her, (she's too wishy washy about the whole thing) so I'm gonna see if maybe my friend who took Blue might want a companion for him (or one of the ladies she works with at her other job)....and put some feelers out at work....if you can send me a good shot of her (or post one on facebook) I'll get it on my profile so everyone sees her and her story. are all kitty I'm going to do my very best to find her a great home!
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