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Don't worry, Hazel, I've killed my share and more. We are just having an exceptionally good year following 13 years of drought so I figured if I was ever going to have a pretty garden it had to be now. I reckon you could grow Callistemons(bottlebrushes), they are used a lot as Street trees here, without much care at all given to them. All sorts of soil too. Oh, don't know if they'd take snow though. Sprekelia looks like an alien plant to me. Like the even more alien looking Black Bat Plant. Very not of this world. Snapdragons are great value I think, tough and colourful.
Meant to say, when you mentioned my white/pink/mauves and purple theme, that was meant to compliment the white Iceberg roses, which now look like flowering when all the rest have died. I echoed it in the Sweet Peas along the fence behind that garden. It was originally just a big raised empty vegie bed and I thought the roses looked lonely in their temporary home. Typical of my enthusiasm, it now looks like a jungle. A couple of photo's here, plus the beautiful Soaring Spirits rose, some of the sale proceeds for this rose help fund the Memorial Garden for victims of the Twin Towers bombing.
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