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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
Any possibility of an intestinal blockage or an issue with something she ingested? I wonder if an x-ray would show anything.
Unless she got into something prior to coming to me she's been either in my sigh 100% of the time or has been in her crate.. I really don't have anything around that she could have eaten to get blocked because I'm pretty careful as you know with my other cats they aren't all too bright

I had the student vet palpitate her abdomen and everything was fine. It's not that I think he's not a good vet or anything, but he is new so of course you have to get used to them. I don't feel any sort of blockage either. The vet that is in Wednesday works in private practice and I'm going to get a second opinion from him.... if he wants to do an x-ray I'll be willing to do that.

I'm thinking of giving her some lactulose (that's our new favourite medicine at the shelter lol)... maybe to flush her system out. We've had very good luck with it on kitties with potty problems. Maybe she has a chunk of poo "stuck" and without giving her horrible diarrhea I can flush her out a bit?

I got her to eat a TINY TINY TINY bit of canned salmon just now... she mostly at the gravy though. Now she went back to sleep.
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