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So the fecal was negative.. she's still bright, alert and her gums are nice and pink. We put her on Albon and Metronidazole. She's not really that dehydrated either and her temp is 100.0... what the heck is going on? I guess she just has a stomach bug?

Her poop was black in some spots and brighter yellow in some spots, but otherwise normal but SMELLY!! Yuck! I've never smelled anything so gross come from a kitten.

Still not eating though. Tried KMR again, A/D again... oh I did make the mistake of leaving the A/D can opened on my counter and turned around and my cats ate it all so I guess we aren't trying that again tonight.

She's back in the litter box AGAIN! I put a brand new clean one in there. She's meowing and seems uncomfortable. I don't think she went. Otherwise normal?? Will probably just bring her back with me again on Wednesday to bug the vet that will be in then because he's really nice.
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