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Peeing in the house

My dog just started to pee in the house....right in front of us. We'll feed her, and the other 2 dogs, just like we always have. In the same spot we always have....and then she will squat right there and pee! The other dogs go out their doggie door right after they eat, and she used to as well, but in the past couple days she just started to pee on the rug.

Normally, my in-laws are home w/ them all day, but they are now on vacation and the dogs are home by themselves all day. They have a doggie door and can come and go on their own. This hasn't been a issue before.

Yesterday we were gone all day, no problems. But, again, right after we fed them.....she squatted down, 2 feet from her bowl, and peed.

WHAT is going on?
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