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Hey guys, I'm just about to leave for work now and am bringing her in to have the other girls look at her. She is not showing any other signs of "sickness". She is bright, alert, pink gums, keeping warm on the heating pad, eyes, ears nose look great... no more bugs on her since I gave her Advantage.. I gave her nutrical yesterday to make sure she didn't get hypoglycemic.. she seems fine otherwise.

She still isn't eating, drank a TINY bit more of KMR last night.. She still keeps going in the litter box!! Last night I heard her in there a couple times and she cried a bit. Is it possible to have a UTI this young? I think I'm going to see about putting her on a light dose of antibiotics and see maybe she has a bladder infection or something? She and her potty still REEAKKK. It woke me up last night when she pooed! I don't even know how she is still going when she hasn't eaten.

I'll either give you an update tonight or if I can hop on the shelter computer real quick today I'll let ya know!

Oh and no polydactyl, just big feet :P
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