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Originally Posted by thecathouse View Post
I'm new to the board and trying desperately to figure out what to change my cats too. I have one that they are saying is in the beginning of kidney disease. (creatine 2.3). He does drink quite a bit. And one that has a creatine of 2.2. The other 3 are normal. (all based on labs)

In trying to compare the foods, my head is ready to explode. All the different dry analysis, as fed, guaranteed analysis is just beyond.

I have thought of raw (Natures Variety), but so far they've turned their nose up and honestly I'm not thrilled with the whole handling of it. I am trying Royal Canine wet, which he will not eat. I am mixing the Royal canine dry, but to me that defeats the purpose of getting more moisture in his diet when I'm feeding the dry and cutting the protein so much.

So, I'd at least like to get the rest of the cats on a lower phosphorus diet since all but 1 is over 10 yrs old. They are currently on Blue buffalo, but we can never get ahold of the company to get any real figures (mg per 100Kcal) of their diet at all.

I've been looking at Natures Variety, Wellness, Fromm, and many more. Can anyone give me some advice or guidance.
Here's the Chronic Renal Failure thread sticky in the cat health forum

It is definately best if you can eliminate all dry food, unless as an occasional treat.

Fromm doesn't list the phos level for any of their canned foods so I can't tell you if any of them are acceptable or not.

Nature's Variety only has 1 flavour of canned that is low enough in phosphorus to be acceptable for a CRF cat, that's the chicken - all other flavours are way too high. Nature's Variety Instinct Raw chicken, beef, lamb and vension have good phosphorus numbers.

Some low phosphorus canned foods to start with:
By Nature Organics Turkey & Turkey Liver, Chicken & Chicken Liver, Turkey & Chicken, Chicken & Mackerel, Beef & Beef Liver

Innova Flex Beef & Barley Stew
Evo 95% Chicken & Turkey

Felidae Platinum
Felidae Cat & Kitten
Felidae Grain Free

Merricks Before Grain 96% Beef
Merricks Before Grain 96% Turkey

Merricks Cowboy Cookout
Merricks Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Halo Spots Stew Wholesome Chicken
Halo Spots Stew Wholesome Turkey

Wellness Turkey, Chicken, Beef & Chicken, Beef & Salmon, Kitten, Wellness Core Chicken Turkey & Chicken Liver

Holistic Select Turkey & Barley
Holistic Select Duck & Chicken

Many more choices listed here [url]
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